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  2. Classified Pakistan (43)
  3. Classified Bangladesh (26)
  4. Classified Sri Lanka (8)
  5. Classified Nepal (3)

South East Asia

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  2. Classified Malaysia (70)
  3. Classified Hong Kong (44)
  4. Classified Thailand (36)
  5. Classified Singapore (35)
  6. Classified Indonesia (28)

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  2. Classified Saudi Arabia (101)
  3. Classified Kuwait (92)
  4. Classified Qatar (18)

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  2. Classified Ukraine (7)

Eastern Asia

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  2. Classified Japan (8)

North America

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  2. Classified Canada (114)
  3. Classified Mexico (11)

South America

  1. Classified Brazil (20)


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  2. Classified France (38)
  3. Classified Germany (26)
  4. Classified Austria (24)
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  2. Classified New Zealand (14)
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