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Contact Details
Mobile No : 8651517317983724
Email Id:  siyizn@aliyun.com
Domain:  http://www.syrebo.com

Product Name:Syrebo soft robotic gloves power people with stroke
Product Description:
According to the WHO, 15 million people suffer from a stroke worldwide each year. Of these, 5 million die, and another 5 million are permanently disabled. This makes stroke the 2nd leading cause of death, responsible for approximately 11% of total deaths globally. How you’re affected by a stroke depends on: its location, it’s severity, and how quickly you receive treatment. The development of rehabilitative devices is needed to restore hand function in these patients.

The artificial intelligent hand rehabilitation robot combines flexible robotics technology and neuroscience. It uses flexible pneumatic bionic muscles as the power source. By repeatedly driving the bionic muscles on the gloves to expand and contract, the gloves can pull the fingers to drive the joints of the affected fingers. Flexion and extension exercises.
Product Website: http://www.syrebo.com
Company Description
Shanghai Siyi Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:ShanghaiShanghaiPudongKangxinFloor 5, No.26, Lane 3399, Kangxin Road, Pudong New Areas, Shanghai, China
Descption:Shanghai Siyi Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd, located in Shanghai International Medical Zone, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of medical rehabilitation robots. SIYI INTELLIGENCE is the leader of software rehabilitation robot in China. It is committed to continuously creating a series of intelligent rehabilitation equipment from hospital to home, making unremitting efforts to comprehensively improve the quality of life of patients.
Registered Capital:100
Shanghai Siyi Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Company Website: http://www.syrebo.com


Floor 5, No.26, Lane 3399, Kangxin Road, Pudong New Areas, Shanghai, China, Abohar All Localities, Abohar
Keyword : soft robotic gloves;stroke rehabilitation;hand function rehabilitation; household hand rehab soft robotic gloves
Created Date: 07-06-2021
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