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Contact Details
Mobile No : 86057113575758518
Email Id:  etieshow@aliyun.com
Domain:  https://www.etiesticker.com/sticker/die-cut-sticker/car-handle-sticker.html

Product Name:Car Handle Sticker
Product Description:
Carbon fiber sticker Advantage: rub the scratch-resistant, anti-fouling, corrosion, prevent radiation, super toughness, scratch resistant, perfect care, bright and transparent, simple construction. Durable, best decorate your car door handle.
Product Website: https://www.etiesticker.com/sticker/die-cut-sticker/car-handle-sticker.html
Company Description
Hangzhou Etie Creative Design Co.,Ltd
Address:ZhejiangZhejiangHangzhouHaoyunRoom 101, Bldg. 3, 152 Haoyun Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Descption:Hangzhou ETIE Design Creative Ltd is a manufacturer of badges name plates, stickers ,signs ,labels and 3D ball decals,Design Creativity service, incorporating a wide variety of print processes and embracing advances in technology to produce cost effective and high quality products.
? ? ?Formed in 2008,ETIE has10 years of continuous development in the nameplates and label stickers sector. ETIE has developed a broad customer base reflecting a wide cross section of industry and commerce.Centrally located manufacturing facility in Hangzhou City(nearby Shanghai) servicing the whole of the world.
? ? ?We focus on a series of badges accessories, a wide range of diversity, reasonable price and on-time delivery.
Registered Capital:100
Hangzhou Etie Creative Design Co.,Ltd
Company Website: https://www.etiesticker.com


Room 101, Bldg. 3, 152 Haoyun Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, Abohar All Localities, Abohar
Keyword : Carbon fiber sticker,car Handle Sticker,Car Door Handle Sticker,
Created Date: 14-06-2021
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